Frog Lake First Nation and Kanata Clean Power Developing Canada’s First Net Zero Power Plant Using Natural Gas 

CALGARY, ALBERTA – August 9, 2021 – Frog Lake First Nation (“Frog Lake”) and Kanata Clean Power & Climate Technologies Corp (“Kanata”) have formed the Frog Lake – Kanata Power Plant Limited Partnership (the “Frog Lake – Kanata LP”) to develop innovative, Indigenous-led net zero infrastructure in Canada. Frog Lake will be the lead investor and 51% majority owner of the Frog Lake – Kanata LP. 

This investment will include development of the first net zero natural gas-powered electricity plant in Canada using NET Power, LLC’s patented technology. 

“This announcement demonstrates Indigenous leadership in Canada’s energy transition,” says Frog Lake Chief Greg Desjarlais. “We are investing funds Frog Lake First Nation earned with traditional oil and gas development through our wholly-owned energy company. We are now transitioning into the development of infrastructure that will demonstrate our leadership once again, addressing climate change using technology that will help decarbonize Canada’s economy.” 

NET Power, LLC’s technology uses natural gas and pure oxygen to generate electricity with zero CO2 emissions. The CO2 is recycled through the combustor, turbine, heat exchanger, and compressor generating power without emissions.  

Power plants using this technology are already under development in the US and UK. Frog Lake-Kanata LP will be the first development in Canada to utilize the NET Power, LLC technology. The power plant will generate 300MW of clean electricity 24/7 and produce water for 15,000 households.  

“As companies and governments in Canada and around the world race to develop and invest in the infrastructure required to decarbonize the economy, we are very proud to be a part of the  Frog Lake-Kanata LP,” says Kanata’s Vice-chair Erin Campbell. “Being able to bring NET Power, LLC’s innovative technology to Canada will also allow us to use our abundant natural gas supply as part of the net zero solution.” 

With over 35 years of experience in energy infrastructure development Kanata Chief Technology Officer Chad Gvozdenovic says, “In addition to helping Canada meet its decarbonization goals, deployment of NET Power, LLC’s technology will have significant economic and environmental benefits and support Alberta’s energy transition.” 

While the NET Power, LLC technology zero electricity plant will be the first asset developed under the Frog Lake-Kanata LP, the partnership envisions the development of future assets to decarbonize Canada’s energy infrastructure and economy.

NET Power, LLC’s Technology Facts 

NET Power, LLC’s semi-closed loop technology leverages oxygen-combustion to produce emissions-free power. 

How The Allam-Fetvedt Cycle Works: 

1. Oxy-combustion is the process of combusting natural gas with pure oxygen (instead of air),  producing pure CO2 and water vapor. 

2. The high-pressure CO2 moves along into the turbine, where it expands and goes into the heat  exchanger. Any water is removed, and the remaining CO2 is compressed and pumped back into  high-pressure. 

3. Most of the high-pressure CO2 is reheated in the heat exchanger and returned to the combustor,  where the whole cycle begins again. 

4. The excess CO2 that comes from step #2 is pipeline ready. It’s inherently captured, not released  into the atmosphere. 


About Frog Lake First Nation 

Frog Lake First Nation is a Cree-speaking Treaty 6 Nation situated in Northeastern Alberta, and the principal shareholder in Frog Lake Energy Resources Corp, Canada’s leading indigenous owned energy company. For more information visit: or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

About Kanata Clean Energy & Climate Technologies Corp.

Kanata is a leading Canadian decarbonization development and asset management platform, and a leading developer of NET Power, LLC zero carbon emission electricity infrastructure in Canada. For more information visit: or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

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